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1 - The Power of Mindset

Getting your mind ready for rapid career advancement

According to Gallup, 85% of professionals are unengaged or actively disengaged at work. With so many people staying in unfulfilling jobs they don't like, despite a tight labor market, we wanted to learn why. We interviewed experts across industries, including hiring managers, executives and professionals that left their lucrative jobs to find something more. 

Despite their various experiences, we learned that mindset -- specifically whether or not we believe we can succeed in our careers -- is a primary indicator of success, career happiness and retention.

The role that mindset plays in our career success:

2 - Personal Branding

The Importance of Your Personal Brand

Every professional, at every level, needs to focus on creating and developing a distinctive personal brand in order to advance their careers. With so many conflicting views out there about how to create, develop and promote a personal brand that gets you noticed inside and outside your organization, we gathered some of the top branding experts in the world to help get to the bottom of how to create a personal brand that gets you hired and promoted. 

Creating a Personal Brand That Pops:

3- Complex Work Situations

Navigating Complex Work Situations

Sometimes situations at work can become downright awkward. Since no one ever taught us how to deal with the various uncomfortable situations that get thrown our way, and because asking for help at work can be intimidating and difficult, we found world-class experts to help you take seemingly difficult scenarios and learn to leverage them to your advantage. 

Overcoming Awkward Work Situations:

4- Executive-Level Networking

Learning to Network Like a Pro!

Networking. Everyone understands its importance, but very few of us are naturally great networkers. The advantage a robust professional network can give us in our careers cannot be understated,  but how do we learn to do it effectively, efficiently and make it fun all at the same time?

How often should we be networking? How do we ask our network for help when we need it? And how do we connect with people higher up the food chain? 

Executive Level Networking Tips from the Pros:

5 - Future-Proof Your Career

Always Be Learning

In the new world of work, things are changing rapidly. Entire industries are being displaced and jobs that generations of Americans have relied on are being eliminated or outsourced to an army of contingent workers all over the world. 

With so much uncertainty, it's imperative that today's professional be highly skilled and able to adapt to a changing world of work.  

How to Future-Proof Your Career:

Always Be Learning.

Staying on top of everything you need to know in order to advance in your career can be challenging. That's why we work really hard to make sure that we're answering your most important questions before you even think to ask them. 

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