Looking to advance in your career, rock it at work and become a better human? It’s all about filling your eyes and your mind with things that inspire you. Make it high quality and relevant to your goals, and you’ll succeed faster! Instagram is not just for creating FOMO and sharing pretty pictures. Today we’re sharing our favorite insta accounts to get your career mojo going and keep it on track!

LEWISHOWESLewis Howes (@lewishowes)

If you’re looking to reach your full potential in your career, follow Lewis Howes’ account. His combination of interviews with top business leaders and inspirational content shows his followers that making money is possible, but they should strive for more fulfillment than just financial. Lewis Howes is famous for his School of Greatness Podcast, and on Instagram he offers previews and key takeaways from upcoming podcasts. 


Create & Cultivate (@createcultivate)

Create & Cultivate is an online platform for women looking to create & cultivate the career of their dreams. They gather the next generation of curious creatives, entrepreneurs and bosses to spark conversation around the topics they are passionate about. If you’re looking for inspiration to break out of a rut and pursue your true passion, check out their Insta. Create & Cultivate’s bright and colorful feed offers everything from inspirational quotes and office outfit ideas to mini profiles on the successful women who speak at their conferences.


JESSLIVELYJess Lively(@jessclively)

Jess’s account offers inspiration for living a life filled with intention. She shows that an intentional life can lead to an intentional career. She features The Lively Show, frequently on her Instagram feed. The women and men she interviews grace her feed, where she shares inspiring tidbits about their personal journeys and career paths. She's all about applying the concepts of consciousness, alignment, the law of attraction, emotional selection, flow, energy, and much more.We love her Instagram for the beautiful photos of her travels and daily life, interspersed with nuggets of career wisdom. 


BOSSEDUPBossed Up (@bosseduporg)

Bossed Up is all about helping women beat burnout and create sustainable, fulfilling careers. Their feed also highlights career workshops they host. Their programs, tools and resources are designed to help you write your own come-up story with a squad of boss women supporting you every step of the way. Bossed Up bootcamps are held in major cities throughout the Midwest, and their webinars are available worldwide. The Bossed Up Instagram is fun to follow, with cheerfully designed quotes and images that are sure to brighten your day!


themuseThe Muse (@themuse)

We love the clean graphic style and the hyper-relevant advice at The Muse. Their website is focused on helping people succeed in their careers, find meaningful jobs at the best companies, and get inspired in whatever it is they're doing. With a slick blend of quotes, statistics, communication tips, and specific job advice, The Muse is definitely worth following. We're especially fond of their "The First" series, featuring groundbreakers who are making an impact within industries that were traditionally closed to diversity.




Career Contessa (@careercontessa)

Career Contessa is the only career site built exclusively for women. They help women cultivate successful careers through expert advice, interviews, and videos. Career Contessa’s Insta highlights strong women and inspirational quotes that will empower you to make moves in the workplace. We're big fans of their "The Salary Project" which enables salary transparency. Knowing how your salary compares to others in your field is power, plain and simple. It's evidence you can use to ask for a raise or walk into an interview room with a clear argument for your salary requirements. Good stuff!



TheAPThe Ambition Plan

The Ambition Plan is a digital career change platform & event series for millenials who want to do more creative work. This career change platform and event series is made for women with creative ambitions. The platform is based in the United Kingdom, but the insight they offer is relevant to anybody, anywhere. They provide expert advice from industry insiders to help job seekers to break free from their current jobs and launch a new career in media, fashion, tech, design or film. 


Lean In

The #LeanIn movement inspires women to bring all of ourselves to our careers. And some days, it helps to get reminders of what happens when we do! Lean In is so worth following. They celebrate incredible women who’ve really made a difference. Learn from their journeys and their words as you’re navigating your own career.


Here at Mid-America Careers, we’re always growing, looking for new sources of fresh ideas that can keep us at the top of our game. Curating an Instagram feed that inspires us has made a big difference. We hope you’ll check out these top influencers and while you’re at it, give us a follow too!



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