Research has shown that the HR strategies of the past no longer cut it. Employee engagement and retention rates continue to disappoint anxious company leaders, while employees cite trust issues with management. It's clear that the time has come for more conscious, effective HR practices that unite teams rather than contribute to the confusion. Below are several key developments that will profoundly impact HR trends in 2019.


Artificial intelligence is no longer just a topic of your favorite creepy sci-fi. It has become a tool businesses can use to make better decisions and strengthen operations from the ground up. As AI capabilities rapidly increase, this technology will help HR professionals address low engagement with real-time solutions, reveal troubling patterns, and even make the employee experience more pleasant. Research shows that 61 percent of companies have already begun to implement AI in some facet.


Employer Branding
It's crucial to view employer relations as a two-way street — it's not only an employee's job to serve a company, but the company's job to serve its employees. Leading with this mindset, companies are crafting their value proposition to candidates more clearly and focusing on enriching company culture. In turn, HR departments will have lower turnover rates, a motivated workforce and more innovation. This process of building a strong culture will include new technology that supports teams and cultural changes within teams. Companies may employ analytics tools that help them measure metrics like applicant conversion rates, or self-service portals that empower employees to interact. It's not only about better-functioning technology, but more quality communication between HR and staff members.


VR Training
Believe it or not, virtual reality won't just be for gamers in the years to come. Companies are already discussing how VR can enhance the training process for new employees. Rather than explaining what employees must do in a critical situation, why not have them actually experience it? VR can give employees the opportunity to learn by doing — a learning style that is often far more effective than listening to or observing someone else. While VR training may not be appropriate for every job, it can speed up the learning process and help prevent inexperienced employees from making dangerous mistakes in some industries.
We're only just beginning to see how technological advancements are permanently changing the modern workplace. While the full effects are still uncertain, it is clear that these new HR trends have the potential to radically improve day-to-day workplace interactions for employees at every level of a company in 2019 and beyond.

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