We interviewed Morgan Field; a corporate rockstar turned entrepreneur and life coach. She is a bestselling and six-time award-winning author of Epic Sexy You, and she's an expert on self-love, confidence, happiness, entrepreneurship, and empowerment, helping awaken souls to a life beyond their wildest imagination and leaving mediocrity in the dust. Morgan tells us about what made her such a force to be reckoned with in the corporate world. She shares the secrets to climbing the corporate ladder quickly and with ease, how she knew it was time to move away from the corporate world to go out on her own and what skills we can all develop, they've enabled Morgan to grow a six-figure income and become a best-selling author all in less than two years.

Morgan-Field-EPIC-SEXY-YOUMAC: Give a little bit of insight into what you're doing today?

FIELD:  I created a life that I love and figured out how to get paid doing some of the things that I enjoy doing. I get to connect with people, have intense, soulful conversations that allow people to transform their mind to serve their desires. I also host retreats all over the world, and I love traveling, so I go to different countries to organize a resort and do life coaching all at the same time. I'm huge on freedom, freedom to say yes to things I love or the freedom to say no to things that I don't like, the freedom to have my time spent however I choose to spend my time. I get to work from home, or I can work from anywhere. I just recently moved to Miami, and I have a pool in my backyard, and I get to work outside in this amazing backyard. I have an indoor office, and I have an outdoor office. I'm living my dream life and could not be more excited, and I help other people create whatever their dream life is and make it come to life.

MAC: Walk me through what you were doing up until 2011, where'd you go to school, what'd you major in, and what were you doing up until that time?

FIELD:  I went to Louisiana State University, people always ask me why I chose that school, I decided it because I wanted just to spread my wings and fly, and it was warm and far away. I did that for about two and a half years, it was not a good fit for my personality, and what I wanted out of life, so I ended up transferring back to University of Illinois, Chicago. I got my degree in Communications and I made a temporary detour for an internship with Disney. I didn't want to go to school. I love learning, but I have to be interested in the subject. I love studying, and I'm huge into immersion and mastery. One of the things I noticed with school, so it was kind of hard for me to get through school. Having to take classes for the sake of taking classes was hard for me. In the corporate world having meetings for meetings was hard for me as well. So that's what I did for school, and I always intuitively knew that what I was studying didn't matter, I always felt like I was going to create something that was so outside of any box that was already existing that I didn't need school to do that. That has been validated now at my 35 years of my life, but it took a long time for me to get there to see what that is. When I graduated from college I really enjoyed people, I enjoyed connecting, and so I got into recruiting. I was a recruiter for a little while, and then on the side, I was bartending and waitressing, which I loved because I got to connect with people as well. Especially as a bartender, I got to communicate with people coming to the bar and listening to their stories. I've always been very intrigued by people and why we do what we do and what's going on in their lives. I think my life coaching journey started way back then, and then I ended up working in the recruitment advertising space. I did that for about eight years. I enjoyed the majority of the journey until the end because I loved learning, and I was growing and learning. I had this aim to get to a specific point in the company, on the ladder, and then once I got there was when there was nowhere else to go, and I was not growing. I just started awakening to “there's got to be more to life than this”. There was nowhere else to go on the ladder, and I  felt like there was a ceiling, I don't particularly care to be in the confines of a box so I started to explore what else I could actually create for myself instead of going to another corporate position where I felt like I was just going to repeat the process all over again. I ended up starting my own business.

MAC: For the people out there that want to climb that corporate ladder and want to advance inside of their organization, what was it that you did that you'd recommend they do, what made you so successful?

FIELD:  I always had a crystal-clear target, so I knew exactly where I was going, and it's the whole fuzzy targets don't get hit syndrome, so I always knew what my next step was. I knew from a large-scale perspective I wanted to be at the top of the company. It's like the Martin Luther King quote, you don't need to see every single step on that staircase, but you'll always see one or two. So, you find the courage within you to take that step and then the steps will be revealed to you as you go so you don't need to know the entire path mapped out. You have to be laser-focused and know what’s next? What am I shooting for? What is my bullseye, so that I can actually work towards it?

Another thing that has served me incredibly well, not only in the corporate world, also in entrepreneurship, is mastery. I'm like a sponge, in the organization that I was working for, I wanted to see every move they were making, every new product and service they were rolling out. I would study it; I would master it, I would understand it. I would practice it; I was always sharpening my saw. I was still really understanding as much as I possibly could about the organization I worked for, and then I took that same process and did it with my clients. My goal was always to playfully challenge myself to understand even more about my client than they knew about themselves, than they knew about their organization. It was always just this game that I created to make life and my job more fun and to stimulate me. The second is mastery, and this third piece is understanding, as you're looking at your journey, it's continuously moving forward to the point and being so good they can't ignore you. If you know where you're going, if you're hitting that target, if you're setting the mastery, if you're always moving forward, make sure that the people around you are seeing what you're doing. It's interesting too because it doesn't matter; eventually people will see it if you're consistent. I was consistent in connecting with clients, and I was consistent in connecting with people inside the company that I knew I needed their attention to getting the promotions I wanted. So, just consistently moving forward, always working my way towards that target.

MAC: What was the most rewarding experience you had in your corporate career? 

FIELD:  I would say it came after, and what I mean by that is every single thing we do prepares us for what we will do. Steve Jobs says you can't connect the dots forward, but you can backward. I see this a lot with people who are in the corporate world that want to go into entrepreneurship is thinking that it's almost like they're getting frustrated that they're in a space that they don't want to be in anymore. It's something that was so rewarding now looking back is everything that I learned in that organization taught me how to run a business, how not to run a business. I learned sales, and I learned marketing, I learned how to create teams, I learned how to manage millions and millions of dollars of business and services and clientele. I learned about communication, and I learned about customer service. I learned so many things that I didn't even consciously realize I was learning at the time that would allow me to create a very thriving business.

Those frustrations, those things that I couldn't understand, became the keys to implementing this in my own business, and I get to help others achieve this in their business as they build it as well. I was just so focused on moving forward that I didn't even realize that I was on this treasure hunt of collecting all of these nuggets of information and knowledge. All of that helped me to scale and grow the empire that I didn't even know at the time I wanted to do. It's just trusting that whatever you're doing, eventually one day it'll make sense why you're doing it, and the timeline looking back was brilliant, just like from the moment I started all the way until the day I left, when I look back it only makes sense now. Towards the end I remember going in to the office and being kind of frustrated, because I was like, this isn't what I want to be doing, and I already know what I want to be doing, and I'm doing this life to coach business thing on the side, and I just wanted to do that full time.

I couldn't see at the time how beautiful that whole flow and process was that allowed me to create a bridge to go from the corporate world into my business and to still have something that was providing an abundance for me that allowed me to build and flow instead of creating fear. At the very end, I was brought on board to manage one of the most significant clients that was looking to leave the company. What was interesting was when that client ended up leaving it impacted my business to the point where it was like the universe was saying okay, you have to go now. Every single thing was working for me even though I couldn't see it at that time.

morganfieldbookMAC: Despite your tremendous success, at some point, you were kind of over it all. Tell me about the moment that it just clicked and you knew, this is it?

FIELD:  I think I had a couple moments that just stacked on one another and the first one was, I was in leadership, I was managing a team of about six sales reps and I had my director at the time come to me and she said, “We've been talking about this pull that you have towards doing this retreat and going on this spiritual journey to get to know yourself a little bit better in Sedona, Arizona. You've been talking about it for a while and you just haven't done it, when was the last time you took a vacation?” I sat back and I thought about it and it was like four or five years that I had been working without a vacation. When I say vacation, I mean going somewhere without bringing work with me. There were plenty of times where I would go on, air quotes, vacation, you know, whether it was a girl's trip and we'd go to Florida and we would hit the beach, but I always had my phone on me, I was responding to emails, I brought my laptop. At the end of the day I would pull out the laptop, and I would do some work and respond to emails. I needed to take a real break, so I did. It was interesting because, I came back and I was just like, nothing bothered me anymore. Everything was so much more clear to me, it was like I had this gift of being able to say no all of a sudden, which I had never had before. All of a sudden I was like “No, I'm not going to do that, no, you could do that for yourself” and then I started to realize that the more that I was not so tightly wound to this position, the more I kept actually working my way up the ladder very effortlessly. I was not having to work as hard to get where I wanted to go. What I now would call the flow state, which is just a lot of bliss and joy and peace and just a detachment from that hustle, whereas for the first five, six years I was so in the hustle. I worked 18 hours a day and then I started being like, no, I'm going to fill my life with some of these other things, life isn't just about work. When I started to realize that I started to hear this question of, well, there has to be more to life than just work, right? It kept whispering and whispering and whispering, and that question became like the most profound screaming question when I got to the highest level in the company.

It was a year and a half or two years after I had taken the trip to Sedona, Arizona where I went without my computer and I just took seven to ten days just by myself to connect with myself, connect with nature, get to know myself a little bit better, find out what I actually want. I finally got to the top of the company and what happened was I think that I had this belief, this preconceived notion, this subconscious story that I would feel a certain way when I got to the top. I thought it would bring me fulfillment, and I thought it would bring me joy, I thought it would bring me significance. I thought it would meet my needs at a whole new layer and level because I had been going after this position for like seven years. I didn't feel that way, I just felt excited for a minute and then I just remember being like, wait, what, I've been chasing this thing for seven years, I've been putting off making relationships my number one, I've been putting off making myself number one. I have sacrificed so much of my life and myself and my own soul desires for so long thinking that this was the answer and it wasn't. And so that really, really awakened me to like okay, there's more to life than chasing this title, chasing this position, chasing this next ring in the ladder, chasing this financial accumulation of what I used to think was success. I just remember thinking I really bought into a lie that with the position title, my car was paid off. I had a beautiful condo, I had so many things that were just creating this abundance and stability and yet there was still this void inside of me. So that really started this journey into me going okay, scratch all that, keep my full-time job as kind of my mental side thing. I would still go in but it was not my number one commitment anymore, and then I started seeking what actually would bring me fulfillment in my every day.

That’s when I started to really honor who I actually am, and one of my number one values in life is fun. I just started going, if it's not fun I'm not going to do it, and I started saying what can I learn? Because I wasn't learning anything anymore, like once I got to the top of the company I didn't find there was much else to learn. I started seeking for learning opportunities outside of the company which led me to learning life coaching and I got certified in that. Learning health and nutrition and studied a holistic nutrition program and got certified there. I studied yoga, teacher training, got certified there. I just started studying things to decide what do I actually want, because I didn't know, and then when I was playing with where I felt most alive, most inspired, most ignited, most delighted, was working with people one on one life coaching. I kept following that trail of excitement and delight and bliss, and I still do that every single day.

Success now, to me, is no longer about a title and money and, and, and, it's the amount of time that I get to spend loving being me. So that's my success barometer now that I constantly am checking in with, so when I notice that I'm not loving being me I'm like whoa, whoa, whoa, how did you accidentally redefine success? You're chasing something that isn't feeding your true definition of success, and so I have to just bring myself back. Success is how much time I get to spend loving being me, and it really allows me to keep myself anchored and rooted in something that is going to bring me the most fulfillment in life which is loving life and loving myself and loving who I'm spending time with and loving what I'm doing every single day.

MAC: Once you got that clarity, despite that you had to have some amount of anxiety or fear, uncertainty on how it would go. How'd you overcome those feelings and take action?

FIELD:  I think one of the most significant misinterpretations that I see when I look around me is that people assume that those of us who are chasing our dreams and living our dreams don't experience fear. It's just a disservice to yourself when you look at someone, and say “oh, they don't experience fear the same way I do”, and that's true, and that's false. It's true that they have a different relationship with fear than you do because they've created a more conscious relationship with fear that fuels them. It's false because they still have fear, we all have fear. It's a part of the human package. It's a journey creating the momentum to leap, and, I wasn't just packing a parachute and jumping off a ledge and going skydiving.

I built a bridge and what I have seen with every single entrepreneur that I've worked with is when they go from corporate into entrepreneurship there's this mentality that you have to take a leap, and you just go, and you have no idea what you're doing, and you just jump off the ledge, and you fly. What I see more often than not is you're constructing a bridge, and you start to walk over the bridge. No one tells us though that the bridge never gets completed. You do have to take a run and jump over the few steps on the bridge that never get built, and every single moment of stepping into greatness does require that leap. It's not leaping from the ledge that you could die; it's just leaping, like will you potentially fall in the water and have to get back up and go to the other side?

I would convince myself okay, tomorrow I'm going go in the office, I'm going to tell my boss I'm leaving, and I'm going to start my own thing. I'm so excited, and then someone in my inner circle would say something like oh, you can't do that and they would say they were loving me, but it was fear masked as love. I kept getting sucked into it, it's something I still pay attention to today, it's, that's normal, it's natural, it's another thing no one ever prepares us for is that as we chase our dreams that the people in our inner circle don't always respond the way we would expect them to.

MAC: There are a people who have an aspiration that they haven't quite started and there is a tactical side, there's a plan, and there is a method to go about creating this, what are some of your secrets?

FIELD:  I personally work backwards from most people, and I find that works really well for me. What I mean by that is instead of trying to find a template in the world that already exists that I want to emulate, I want to create. I started my business with asking myself if I had the dream day, the dream week, the dream month, the dream year, what would be included? I talk about this in my book as well. I just kept saying “What else would I want to experience in life? What is a lifestyle I want to live? When I'm looking at my day, how many hours a day would I even want to work? What would I want to be doing with my time when I am working? What would really excite me to get out of bed? Who would be in my life, what would that look like? I looked at the day and I was like okay, I would like to coach with a couple of people every single day because I love these like intense conversations that allow people change the way that their mind operates so that they can genuinely get out of their way and create a life they love. I love that, that satiates my soul. I have constructed a life where I have time, I can take clients before and after I lay out in the sun. You know, and just giving myself permission to continuously add into my day what I really love experiencing. I also, I love traveling. I love new cultures, I'm a very adventurous person, I enjoy watching and guiding someone through an experience of something for the first time.

The reason I'm sharing all of these little tidbits of what I love is I constructed my business around those things instead of going, what are other life coaches doing? What does this template look like? And that's what I see a lot of entrepreneurs do when they come work with me. They already have this template in mind, or they're always looking at what someone else in the industry is doing, and they’re continually looking at what is already existing and how to compete with something that's already out there, whereas I'm like no, I want to create from desire. I remember when I graduated my coaching program, I had this vision of going to Costa Rica and bringing a group with me and of us doing different things like surfing and doing like adventure courses in the jungle. And doing those things and helping tie these experiences into what is going on in their everyday life and I noticed I could actually see when and how someone was blocked when they were either playing and having fun or when they were doing the adventure and experiencing fear. I got to see what their pattern was that stopped them from stepping into their own dream life and their own greatness. I started telling people in the coaching program about it and they were like well, but, you know, shouldn't you wait a couple years or, and I was like nope, I'm doing this.

I just started trying things to see what I actually enjoyed doing, and I did that. The first retreat took a handful of ladies, we went to Costa Rica, we did ziplining in the jungles, we did jungle swings, we did all these fantastic epic adventures and we had these tremendous transformative breakthrough experiences as a result. I was honoring my desire for travel, for adventure, for sisterhood, for soul connection. Then I started looking at, how many one to one clients do I want to take on? There were days where I would go whoa, I took too many on today, and then I was continually checking in with myself at the end of every day. What did I love about today, what didn't I? So, again, you don't have to know the entire map before you start stepping into the action of creating and if you do have a plan you're going to step into creation, and that map's going to go out the window.

MAC: What is your number one parting piece of advice for people that they know they're sick of the corporate world and they want to go out on their own?

FIELD:  The questions that you're seeking to find externally, there are all these questions that we typically have that we're aiming to find the knowledge externally. I would challenge you to sit still and ask yourself those questions and hear the answers and dare to take action on whatever the intuitive guidance that comes up for you. There's always that little window of time where when you ask yourself a question, and you get like a raw, honest, soulful answer. Start going internal and permitting yourself to listen to what your wisdom is and courage to follow that up with action, and the sooner you can take action from that, wow, the magic zone is right there.

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